Photography has always been a lifelong hobby since I was a child. A financial advisor by profession, I enjoy the creative side of my life through the lens and in the editing room. I still remember my first camera I got when I was about five years old, a Fisher-Price 110 film model. I'm not sure what's happened to it over the years but I still have my father's camera, now about 35 years old - a Canon A1.

Though the years have improved technology through advancements in auto-focusing systems and lens capability, nothing has or will ever be able to replace a photographers eye for the right shot. Even spending thousands of dollars on the best Canon or Nikon equipment still isn't guaranteed to get you pictures any better than your iPhone. Trust me, I've seen it too many times. That said, we do use the same latest camera technology and software you would expect from any professional studio, but knowing how to create or capture the RIGHT shot is an irreplaceable art. Take a look through our home page gallery and see for yourself the versatility offered.

Senior, Sweet 16 Pictures - 2 hour session on location(s). $300
These are typically the most time consuming jobs in terms of not only shooting, but even moreso in editing. We put a lot of effort into making these pictures look the absolute best we can through several different programs to polish the final images. NO MINIMUM PRINT ORDERS!

Family Portraits - 1 hour session on location.

Baby Pictures - 1 hour session on location.

Special Events & General Pricing Available on request

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Unlike other photographers there is NO MINIMUM FOR PRINT ORDERS. And along with no minimums, we think you'll find our prices for what prints you do like are very reasonable.